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VWA Wine Tasting Journal: Boyfriend- Features: Wine TAG System (Taste, Aroma and General Impressions), Softcover Notebook for Wine Enthusiasts | Portable, Record, Rate, and Remember Your Favorite Wines


Capture Your Wine Adventures­čŹĚ

Capture your wine adventures and enhance your tasting experience with our Stylish, functional and practical paperback Wine Tasting Journal. This beautifully crafted journal is designed to help you record and remember every sip, aroma, and sensation of the wines you savor and ENJOY!

Other Features:

  • Crafted with premium paper with a captivating cover design.
  • 6" x 9" 120 pages of an Amazing and Fun Layout
  • Guided template pages to document wine details, including vineyard, varietal, region, vintage, and tasting notes
  • Dedicated TAG system to describe: Taste Aroma, General Impressions and color,
  • Compact size for easy portability to wine tasting tours, vineyard tours, tasting with friend, cozy evening at home, and anywhere you travel.
  • Ideal for wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, aspiring wine connoisseurs, wine beginners, wine clubs, wine education, wine tourism and personal use
  • Indulge in the joy of wine-tasting while embracing the stylishness of our quality paperback wine tasting journals. Let our wine tasting journal be a source of inspiration and delight as you navigate the world of wine. It is time to uncork your imagination, toast to the sweetness of life and create cherished memories with the help of our stylish wine tasting journals. Cheers to whimsical wine journeys!

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